Polypropylene films for capacitors

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Corona treated film for metallised PP



High temperature resistance smooth PP film

Dry metallised PP capacitor for AC low voltages (LT power factor correction, motor run, lighting…) for DC voltages  (Filtering, energy storage, power electronic, RFI …)


Rough PP film

Impregnated metallised PP capacitor for DC voltages (power electronic, energy storage….)

PP film for all film &/or mixed dielectric capacitor


Smooth PP film

Film / foil and mixed dielectric capacitor for DC and AC voltages  (energy storage, telecom, micro-waves…)


Rough PP film

Impregnated film / foil and mixed dielectric capacitor for medium and high AC voltages (power factor correction, CVT,…)

Overwrapping film


Smooth PP film

Overwrapping of metallised PP windings

Polypropylene Films for capacitors

For almost two centuries, Bolloré is producing, winding, and slitting  the finest and most delicate products.

An experience, a reliability, a longevity, an uncommon  fidelity in such technical fields, which give to Bolloré an incomparable mastery in polypropylene films for dielectric applications.

Among the world leaders in this field, Bolloré offers a wide range of dielectric films, all complying with the latest requirements expected by customers.

  • An adjusted quality of the winding, to insure the best efficiency, at highest production rates.

  • A high level of dielectric strength, for a good insulation between the electrodes.

  • Stable thermomechanical characteristics, for a good reliability of capacitor performances.

  • Characteristics complying with your needs, because all Bolloré teams will commit themselves to listen, define, follow and deliver the products that suit you best.

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