Innovation at the core of our business strategy

Mastering the ultra thin

Thin films providing high manufacturing efficiencies are the benchmarks of Bolloré shrink packaging .

A high level of technical know-how in combination with the application of the latest generation of resins make that the Bolloré range offers the same performances as conventional thicker films.


All Bolloré polyolefin shrink films are either recyclable through industrial plastic processes at the end of their useful life, or converted into energy according to standard EN 13431.


Optimized packaging process

Bolloré shrink films are known and appreciated by the major packaging machine manufacturers.

Bolloré films are systematically tested on all kind of machines and sealing systems.

From manual to automatic high speed machines, optimisation of your packaging line is guaranteed.

Respect de l'environnement

Optimized resource utilization

Bolloré films are ultra-thin yet perfectly resistant and adapted to high-speed machines. They are developed to seal and shrink quickly at low temperatures.

With longer footage on each roll, less production stops occur. Less waste is generated and less empty packaging materials (boxes, cores, pallets) are handled. Less trucks are needed for transportation thus minimizing the carbon footprint


High quality standards

Bolloré’s manufacturing facility is certified ISO22000 et BRC/IoP (British Retail Consortium, Institute of Packaging).

Bolloré film references comply with current european and american (FDA) food contact regulations.