Goal is achieved for Bolloré Packaging, which is now offering a recyclable version of its OXBTEC® films.
OXBTEC® films are a dedicated solution for modified atmosphere overwrapping. After use, they can now integrate the flexible PE recycling stream, 04 – PELD, following the CEFLEX guidelines «  Designing for a circular Economy ».

The  added value is threefold : preservation, protection and recyclability.
With barrier properties to oxygen, OXBTEC® solutions help reduce food waste and meet the needs of extended shelf-life as required by major retailers, food processors and final consumers.
The films run on dedicated FlowPack machines. Complete overwrapping makes packages leakproof, reduces cross-contamination and allows cleanliness on shelves. 
OXBTEC® fully meet the essential needs for hygiene, food security and traceability.
They are now available in recyclable version. They can integrate the recycling stream for flexible PE packaging (polyethylene).
Each film, each development at Bolloré is designed to meet the challenges of ecodesign and source reduction.

More than ever, active listening and in-depth consultation with our customers are driving our innovations.
 More information and samples on : www.bollorefilms.com