Pioneer in ultra thin packaging

Bolloré Group Profile

Founded in 1822, the Bolloré Group is among the 500 largest companies in the world.

A publicly traded company, it is still in majority controlled by the Bolloré family. The stability of its shareholding structure allows it to make investments for the long term.

Due to its diversification strategy based on innovation and international development, it currently holds strong positions in following business activities: transportation and logistics, media and communications, electricity and storage solutions,  and in industry with its ultra thin shrink films Bolphane® and Bolfresh®.


The Plastic Films Division

Leader in ultra thin shrink films

Historically based in Brittany, the Plastic Films Division is specialized in the production of ultra thin packaging shrink film and dielectric film for capacitors.

Situated in Ergué Gabéric, a small town close to Quimper, the Pen Carn production site is a modern state of the art production facility.

A high level of technical know-how in combination with the application of the latest generation high-tech resins make that Bolloré has become very quickly leader on the market of technical and multilayer films.

our driving force



Foundation of the Bolloré paper mill,
specialised in thin and technical papers (bible and carbon papers..).



Manufacturing of dielectric film
for capacitors begins, with thickness from 5-10 microns.



Start-up of the Bolphane® shrink film production,
manufactured with the double bubble technology.



Inauguration of a new production plant dedicated
to packaging films, followed by an expansion in 2001
to reach 17,000 sqm production surface in total.



Presentation of the Bolphane® BHE120,
first recyclable polyolefin shrink film on the market.



Introduction of the Bolphane® BTT line,
films characterised by their extreme thinness.



Launching of the Bolfresh ‘films for food’ range,
including films with barrier properties to reduce food waste.



Acquisition and start of a new extrusion line,
a 13 layer Triple Bubble, the 1st in the world.



Bolloré renews its products and the display range of films
is now called Bolphane R3.  BRi, a new film reference
formulated with post-industrial, regenerated  material,
is introduced at the same time.