Packaging shrink films for display applications

BMS – Curling effect polyolefin shrinkfilm

  • Self-adhesion properties

  • Ideal on “wrap-around” machines

  • Excellent optics

  • Higher rigidity


Bolphane® BMS has been designed to rollenpacker machine type. It  responds  to the typical requirements of products manufactured in rolls, that look for self-adhesion properties in their packaging process.

Tubular shaped items using the curling effect capability are usually met in the sector of decorative products such as gift wrapping, wallpaper….

Curling effect principle

Bolphane® BMS benefits from a unique enriched formulation allowing the appropriate use of curling effect for wrapping tubular items.


Bolphane® BMS exists in singlewound version only (BMS-S).


Self-adhesion for packing of tubular shaped items

Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths