Packaging shrink films for display applications

BRN – Soft shrink polyolefin film

  • Soft shrink

  • Excellent machinability on high speed equipment

  • Superior gloss

  • High clarity level


Bolphane® BRN film benefits from an exclusive formulation especially designed for soft and flexible items usually met in the stationery, textile and paper products.

On high speed processing conditions, Bolphane® BRN reveals itself in terms of high output performances and unmatched clarity level.

Shrink profile

Compared to a typical shrinkfilm, Bolphane® BRN keeps shrink forces under control within a large range of temperatures.


Bolphane® BRN exists in Singlewound (BRN-S) and Centerfolded (BRN-C).

Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths