Packaging shrink films for display applications

BTT XF130 – Soft cross-linked shrink film

  • Low shrink force to avoid the distortion of flexible products

  • High percentage of free shrink at low temperature to conform to odd-shaped items

  • Superior elongation and tear strength

  • Broad operating window allowing use on a wide range of equipments

  • Hot slip properties


Bolphane® BTT XF130 is manufactured from a proprietary cross-linked process and is formulated with high-tech resins – such as the latest generation of metallocenes.

Bolphane® BTTXF 130 is designed to wrap items which require a combination of high shrinkage and a low shrink force.


Bolphane® BTT XF130 exists in Singlewound (BTT XF130 – S) and in Centerfolded (BTT XF130 – C) version.

With longer footage on each roll, less production stops occur.



Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths