Packaging shrink films for display applications

BXX – High output singlewound shrink film

  • Specially dedicated to electrostatic sealing

  • Outstanding flatness, stiffness and slip for high output machines

  • Excellent optical characteristics


Electrostatic seal capability and optical characteristics of Bolphane® BXX make it the preferred candidate for overwrapping boxes whenever a perfect presentation is requested. This film is specially designed to achieve the maximum shelf appeal.

Thanks to its outstanding flatness and enhanced slip, Bolphane® BXX performs the best on high speed machines with forming box.

Electrostatic sealing

Bolphane® BXX is especially formulated in order to achieve a strong electrostatic seal with almost invisible overlap.


Bolphane® BXX is available only singlewound (BXX-S).

Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths