Packaging shrink films for food

BCB – Controlled breathing polyolefin film

  • Optimum shrinkage on odd-shaped items

  • Strong seal and good machinability

  • Controlled breathing rate

  • Delivered on plastic winding core and under polyethylene sleeve


Bolfresh® BCB packaging film for cheese is designed for wrapping irregular shaped products which require good shrinkage properties.

Its unique formulation allows fast shrinking at low temperatures and thereby prevents heat exposure damage when packing products like portions of cheese.

Bolfresh® BCB offers downgauging opportunities to minimize the environmental impact, while energy savings are obtained as a result of reduced shrinking temperature.


Bolfresh® BCB exists in singlewound version (BCB-S) only.


Bolfresh® BCB‘s permeability optimizes the cheese breathing and thus extends its shelf life.

  • Bolfresh BCB_15 microns – Water steam permeability (g/m²/24h à 38°C – 100% HR)
  • Bolfresh BCB_15 microns – O2 permeability (cm3/m²/24h bar à 23°C 0% HR)
  • Bolfresh BCB_15 microns – CO2 permeability (cm3/m²/24h bar à 23°C 0% HR)

Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths