Packaging shrink films for food

BFP • BXP • BYP – High breathability polyolefin films

  • Microperforation ensuring optimum gaseous exchanges

  • Excellent machinability for mastering packaging costs


Bolfresh® BFP is a very high stiffness film with sealing properties targeted at long-shaped products on horizontal flow-wrappers.

Bolfresh® BXP et BYP are centerfolded perforated films showing high shrink properties for packaging round-shaped products on L-sealers, and optimized gas transmission properties for cheese wrap.



Bolfresh® BFP is available as flat film (BFP-S),

Bolfresh perforated films BXP et BYP are available as centerfolded film (BXP-C et BYP-C).

For gaseous exchange control:

perforation possibility from 25 up to 2000 holes per dm²

Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths