Packaging shrink films for food

BTS – High sealing performance shrink film

  • Excellent heatsealing characteristics

  • Secure package at low temperatures

  • Stiffness improving machinability at very high speed

  • Good optics


Bolfresh® BTS belongs to the range of specialized films dedicated to high speed HFFS machines.


Excellent sealing characteristics, superior optics and resistance at low temperatures make Bolfresh® BTS performant in the packaging of frozen food products such as pizzas.

Sealing performance

The unique combination of rigid layers at the core and sealable external layers make high performance in sealing on high speed HFFS machines possible.


Bolfresh® BTS is available in singlewound version only (BTS-S).

High speed packaging

Up to 120 pizzas per minute

Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths