Packaging shrink films for food

BFF – Polyolefin antifog film

  • High performance antifog properties

  • Solid and easy sealing

  • Excellent optics

  • Recovery properties and impact resistance


Bofresh® BFF is an antifog shrink film. It is the ideal film to optimize your customer presentation on food products submitted to temperature variations.

Bofresh® BFF is usually proving its antifog performances on produce and fruits but also on trayed products such as cheese, processed meat, poultry and ready meals.

Being part of Bolloré’s range of exclusive multilayer technology films, Bolfresh® BFF benefits from excellent mechanical properties as well as outstanding machinability. The result is seen in its thin and solid sealing.


Bolfresh® BFF is available in a large range of grades for the best adaptation to the product’s requirements.

Technical features

Bolfresh BFF :

An antifog film for a better preserved product and an optimal presentation.

Our films are available in a wide variety of grades and widths